THE EVIL DEAD by Rafa Orrico

Check out this cool new screenprinted
Evil Dead poster by Rafa Orrico. Definitely a different take on a total classic, but amazing typography and an interesting interpretation of the Deadite face make this one worth snagging!

The poster, a limited-to-220 edition, is available from Mondo this Wednesday. Be quick!!


Ghost, Live in Pittsburgh 2-14-22

Seeing the band Ghost will never get old to me. Yes, they have become more mainstream, but the band continues to deliver their trademark style of pop satanism with their unique and catchy metal sound.

On Monday night, Mrs. Highbury and I spent Valentines Day with our favorite Swedes over in Pittsburgh. It was nice to get out and get to a concert again, and Ghost, along with Volbeat and Twin Temple, made for a most welcome return!

As always, Ghost put on a really great set, including an opening number from their upcoming release, Impera. Incredible lighting and pyrotechnics, confetti, elaborate costuming and super-tight musicianship made for one hell of an experience. This show marked the sixth time we’ve seen them live and each time they have put on an incredible show.

They are still out on the road on their 2022 North American Imperatour, so go check them out if they're playing a city close to you. It's worth every penny!

Enjoy some of my photos from the show...

Here is the video I shot at the start of the set. This song, Kaisarion, is from their upcoming release Impera...

And after all was said and done, I had grabbed a few Sister Imperator bucks from the confetti drop AND I caught TWO Ghost guitar picks that were thrown out at the end of the set!! I had never managed to snag a pick at any of their other shows, so I was really happy with that. I also grabbed a cool Ghost tour shirt to put an exclamation point on another amazing show and incredible evening...


Happy Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine's Day! May you get to spend it with your forever...


The October Candle

So in getting caught up on all things around, I would be remiss if I did not put this one at the top! At the end of last year, I ended up with two extra Highbury Cemetery t-shirts. (Each year, I design a haunt logo and then silkscreen a small batch of t-shirts to give away to everyone who helps put on Highbury Cemetery on Halloween night. A cool little thank you for the effort.)

I quickly decided to spread a little extra Halloween cheer by simply sending the shirts off to two fellow haunters who hung out and celebrated all October at this blog. Another cool little thank you for the effort.

And quite unexpectedly, I was surprised with a return box in the mail...

In the box was this totally killer x-ray'd hand candle, a super cool gift from The October Boy at The Deadwood Cemetery! I instantly dropped this into my permanent Halloween display area. But then I noticed a small sticker on the back of the glass jar...

Color changing!?!? Okay, you have piqued my interest. The wax is all white, so I was curious to see this thing in action.

And before I could light it up, I kind of accidentally found out how. I had it sitting on my desk and one sunny afternoon, the light must have triggered it just right because as I looked over, an internal light was changing colors, illuminating the lower portion of the glass and giving a REALLY cool glow effect on the x-ray'd hand. YES!!!

Totally awesome. Totally unexpected. Completely appreciated.

So now I have received cool return Halloween gifts from both Lady M and The October Boy. What a great way to extend the fun and friendship of All Hallows Eve.

I think I may have to print up a couple extra shirts again this year and keep a new tradition going. I'm glad the both of you enjoyed your shirts! Plenty of ideas knocking around already for the 2022 version, so stay tuned!

And PS- The October Boy, nothing goes to waste around here, so even the included creepy cloth will be going into this year's display!!


Joel Grind - "Welcome To Armageddon City"

Well, I guess it's time to get things moving now that it's somehow February. Where the heck did the last 31 days go??

I ended up taking a nice little break after the holidays, and now I'm ready to dive back into another march toward October 31st! I have quite a few things already lined up and ready to go, so let's get this started off for another year.

I have been a big fan of Joel Grind's work for a while now, first with his work with his killer thrash metal band Toxic Holocaust and then with his unique ambient/synthwave solo work.

But somehow I missed this EP released on Halloween back in 2020. A sweet collection of Carpenter/Italian horror tracks, perfect for getting into that Halloween spirit.

Even if it is only February.