Ghost, Live in Pittsburgh 9-25-15

Through false starts, traffic jams, detours and delays, Mrs. Highbury and I somehow still managed to make our way to Stage AE in Pittsburgh this past Friday. And somehow, we managed to weasel our way down to the front of the stage to take in an incredible show from the Swedish supergroup, Ghost!

During my previous venture to Stage AE (coincidentally to also see Ghost, back in 2012), I wrote about a nasty confrontation with a bouncer who apparently took dislike to my camera. This time around, there would be no such issues, as my camera was denied entry at the door. So after a quick sprint back to the car for a drop off and then an even quicker sprint back to the venue, I met back up with Mrs. Highbury, who had already procured 2 pumpkin ales from the bar...

Luckily, I was able to snap away freely with my phone. And while the pics aren't the same quality as my camera, I still managed to get some decent shots. We had a great vantage point to take in an incredible set which mixed a lot of the new as well as some of the old songs, which book-ended a cool mini acoustic set in between. 

After their set, the Mrs. and I were blown away. An amazing set, and we were then ready to head back home. Nothing could top that...

But before we left, we decided to use the potty before the drive home. And that's when it happened...

There was a line for the men's room, so as I got in line, I watched some drunk guy stagger past the line and in. And while I was saying, "WTF!?!?" a voice behind me was echoing the same sentiment. I turned around to share a laugh, and I was immediately frozen. I did a double-take, and sure enough, standing right behind me was...

Pinhead himself, DOUG BRADLEY!!!!!!!

I sheepishly asked if he was Doug Bradley, and he replied "yes" with a coy smile. I tried my hardest to keep my cool as we had a brief chat about how amazing the show was and where we had seen Ghost play before. I also got to introduce him to Mrs. Highbury.

After we both took care of our business, I gave him a wave and told him to have a great night, and he returned the pleasantries. I really don't know how I was standing in a big group of people and I was the only one who recognized a legitimate horror icon. C'mon Pittsburgh, you need to do better!!!

So not only do I get to see an amazing show, but then I get the surprise of meeting Doug Bradley. Not many days could top that!

Ghost's "Black To The Future" tour continues now and I cannot recommend highly enough to see them if they play anywhere close to your town. This was the third time I have been able to see them live, and with each show, they get better and better.

And one last update. It looks like my luck ran out, because I'm going in for a quick surgery on my broken finger on Tuesday. I get to have two pins (HA! Pinhead! Doug Bradley! Ha!) inserted into my finger, so I'm going to take the rest of the week off, until October 1st. The Countdown to Halloween begins again, and I have been collecting the posts, ready to share all that I can with the Halloween community. Wish me luck and I'll see everyone on the first!!


Kammarheit - "The Howl"

My favorite track from Kammarheit's new release, The Nest:


Well this sure is going to put a damper on my propbuilding schedule for this year...

I took an epic slam on the mountain bike 2 weeks ago and finally got to the doctor for an x-ray. Fractured middle finger (how appropriate!) with a bone chip before the first knuckle. Now I'm supposed to see a hand specialist for a consultation.

This can only mean that I will be laid up for a couple of weeks after some sort of surgery, right?

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed, but either way, this will force me to cut back on the prop list for this year. Something I'm not all too happy about at the moment. Damn...


Historic Akron Cemetery Rises From The Dead

When I started doing my Cemetery Sundays segments back in 2011, I didn't realize the connection that I would make to all of my local, historic cemeteries. 

In October of 2013, I visited an Akron cemetery, Mount Hope, after it was featured in a local newspaper story. At the time, the cemetery had fallen into total disrepair, much to the anger of locals and those that had relatives buried there. After the story ran, the city eventually stepped in and helped clean up the grounds and mausoleum. By the time I took my photos, clean up had begun and it was again somewhat presentable. 

Fast forward two years and this cemetery is again making the news.

And this time, the news is good! Akron Beacon Journal reporter Bob Dyer writes a follow-up to his original piece from 2013, showcasing David Venarge, a local businessman who after reading the original story decided to step in and do something about the cemetery's dwindling condition. To this point, Venarge has donated $100,000 for maintenance and upkeep to the grounds.

 Photo by Ed Suba, Jr. - Akron Beacon Journal

You can read Bob Dyer's full story of the cemetery's incredible turnaround at The Akron Beacon Journal.

After reading this story, I think that I will have to do my first follow-up photo session this October. I'm interested to see the progress that has been made (especially to many of the damaged tombstones), and I hope it will spur the city to act on other local cemeteries that deserve this kind of attention, too.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to Mr. Venarge for leading the effort to preserve this local cemetery and to Mr. Dyer for writing an excellent article, bringing his efforts to light!!


MFJørg - "Tomb"

Soundtrack for the weekend. Thanks to Jim T. for the link! Now let's get some props built...

Frizzi 2 Fulci - North American Tour 2015

From Mondo:

"We are delighted to bring Fabio, one of the undisputed masters of Italian horror soundtracks, to North America," said Music label head, Spencer Hickman. "We've been trying to bring him here for two years to perform on US soil for the first time with his live tribute show to Italian director Lucio Fulci, making it incredibly special for both Fabio and fans alike."
Fabio will be joined on stage by his 8-piece Frizzi 2 Fulci Orchestra performing suites from classic Italian horror films ZOMBI 2 (AKA ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS), SEVEN NOTES IN BLACK, THE BEYOND, CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, MANHATTAN BABY and more. Orchestral performances will also be accompanied by live visuals derived from Fulci's iconic filmography.

Frizzi 2 Fulci North American Tour 2015:
October 2 - Austin, Texas - Central Presbyterian Church
Sunday, October 4 - Los Angeles, California -  Egyptian Theatre
Tuesday, October 6 - San Francisco, California - The Chapel
Thursday, October 8 - Toronto, Ontario - The Opera House
Saturday, October 10 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Underground Arts