Kammarheit - "The Howl"

My favorite track from Kammarheit's new release, The Nest:


Rot said...

Absolutely love this album.
Looking VERY forward to his next release as Cities Last Broadcast.
Dark Ambient side projects are really interesting. It'd be like doing a Halloween Haunt, but in a style totally different from what you're used to doing. Though Kammarheit and Cities Last Broadcast are totally in the same family. Side Projects become very interesting when you look at someone like Raison D'Etre...so many different groups with tons of different sounds. You'd never know they came from the same guy.

highbury said...

Rot, I hadn't heard of Cities Last Broadcast until you posted the note about the new release coming out, so I went and checked out "The Cancelled Earth" and loved it. Similar to Kammarheit, but different enough to keep it interesting! I'll definitely be adding the new CLB release to my ever-growing collection.

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