Hangin' at Closed Casket Studios, 2019

For the past two years, I posted this exact same thing. I have the amazing luck of living five minutes away from Closed Casket Studios, so I get the chance to go hang out with Dave, drink a few beers, talk about everything Halloween, and check out all the new pieces he has rolling out this year. There are definitely worse ways to spend a Friday night!

This year the post comes a bit later than usual, as I skipped the Transworld show with them in March. I usually go over just before the show and post up some teasers as we're headed due west to St. Louis. There's been a lot going on over in my neck of the woods this year, so I'm behind, but there are still some really cool new sculpts and pieces creeping out from Dave's basement.

If you missed the Transworld show, you can still check out his new work at the upcoming Midwest Haunters Convention in Chicago this June. And if you're there, be sure to tell him that I sent you. You won't get anything special or anything, but at least I'll know that someone is still reading this blog...

And if you're going to miss both shows, just sit back and check out the photos below. You can always visit his site and pick up any of his pieces there! Enjoy!

Does this mask make me look fat?

And then finally the man himself. Proudly displaying his major award, the 2019 Transworld Vendor Excellence Award. Well deserved, my friend!!