Hangin' Out At Closed Casket Studios

I'm always reminded of how cool it really is to live in Ohio in regards to all things Halloween. A rich history of famous haunted attractions and a top-notch group of prop builders that all call this area home.

But having one right in your own back yard (okay, technically we now live 20 minutes apart since we both moved to new locations, but still!) is definitely one of the coolest!

This year, as things continue to get back to somewhat normal, I again got the chance to go hang out with good friend of the Cemetery, Dave Shonk at Closed Casket Studios, where we got to kick back with some special pumpkin beverages, talk about all things Halloween, and most importantly get a special sneak peek at all the new prop heads and masks to be unveiled at this year's Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show!

And now that the show is officially underway, I can show off his absolutely killer work. Thanks, Dave, for letting me come hang out and get some much-needed Halloween energy from your cool shop!

And if you happen to be in the St. Louis area, do yourself a favor and go hit Dave's booth to check out his incredible work. Closed Casket Studios is at Transworld booth #407.

(And thanks for the swag! You KNOW I'm a sucker for old Haunted Schoolhouse & Laboratory memorabilia!!)


Lady M said...

His stuff is so incredibly amazing. I love the deer and the nun the best. You are so lucky to hang out with him. This looked liked an amazing convention.

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