"Halloween Sounds of Horror" Cassette

Terrifying Sound Effects For Great Halloween Fun

If there is one thing that I have found over the years of doing Freebie Fridays, it's that the world of 80s and 90s novelty Halloween soundtracks could sometimes be a rather sneaky place. And thus is the case with this week's offering, Halloween Sounds of Horror

This cassette, which I believe is actually from 1995, is your standard cheap-label-with-hilarious-Halloween-graphics-and-quasi-spooky-font variety that came without a cover or case. I'm assuming it was originally sold in the common blister pack that could be picked up on the cheap at any drug or big box retail store of the era.

On its own, Halloween Sounds of Horror is another in a long line of great novelty soundtracks, complete with the standard sounds of racing heartbeats, demonic laughter and echoing shrieks, moans and screams. Unfortunately, after giving it a listen, I'm now 99% certain that this is the exact same soundtrack as the Halloween Spook Sounds cassette that I offered up last year! Same great Halloween soundtrack, just repackaged under a different name and label...

Regardless, Halloween Sounds of Horror is still one to add to your collection, if only for the cool "smiling reaper under the full moon" graphic. The soundtrack itself is worth the download too, for that cool demonic laughter and creepy echo throughout the 15 minute track.




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