"Monster Mash Sounds of Terror!" Soundtrack

Listen to this Horror! If you dare!

This is a trip into the uncharted regions of the unnatural world of horror. A region where the supernatural takes over the minds of men. It is that place where the fiends lurk, ready to plunge their fangs deep. If you dare, turn out the lights, and play this record on your phonograph.

Gasp and scream as the victims plead in vain for mercy, or quick death. If your heart is too weak for this journey into terror, do not play this record. Your nerves will jarr to the grotesque inhumanity of man to man within. The screams you hear maybe your own after this diabolical detour into... MADNESS!

Can you stand the shock of hearing the Exorcist battle Satan? Hear the unearthly sounds of the possession of the soul! Listen if you dare! Will the burning of witches at the stake unhinge your mind? Does the screaming amongst the flames shatter your sanity! The evil blackness within this record is a journey into unbelievable... TERROR!

We're finishing off this season of Freebie Fridays with another Wade Denning/Pickwick Records novelty Halloween classic from 1974. "Monster Mash Sounds of Terror!" is a great collection of  short horror stories with incredible titles including The Werewolf Attacks, Frankenstein Returns, The Incredible Giant Crab, Victims of the Guillotine, and The Nightmare of Lost Souls. Each story is roughly two to three minutes in length, and each one is a hilarious classic. 

No real "haunted house" sound effects on this one, but the short stories and accompanying sounds more than make up for that! 19 classic stories with excellent narration and a rendition of the Halloween staple, "Monster Mash" make for a truly fun listen. I have played this record a number of times since picking it up and it is still enjoyable all the way through.




Anonymous said...

Hi! Where is Highbury Cemetery actually located? I'd love to come by this year! Thanks.

highbury said...

We're located in West Akron on Malvern Road, near King School and Merriman Road. Just follow the screams! Out Trick or Treat will be Monday the 31st, from 6-8pm.

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