The Neighborhood Sign Goes Up

7:00 am and it's 46 degrees, cold, rainy and miserable. A perfect morning to go right back to bed, but I had a job to do. I pulled myself out of the comfortable warmth of my bed and layered up.

I made my way to the garage and grabbed all my necessary tools to complete today's task: putting up the neighborhood trick-or-treat sign! As official keeper (and creator) of the sign, it's my yearly duty to place it at the entrance to the neighborhood, informing everyone of this year's trick-or-treat time. 6-8 pm. October 31st. Always. 

Our fantastic neighborhood has a long-standing tradition of keeping trick-or-treat on Halloween night, regardless of the day it falls on and regardless of what the geniuses of City Council try and schedule for this year... 5-7 pm on Saturday? No thank you.

This site is beautified by the Merriman Hills Garden Club. And Highbury Cemetery.

And because of the fact that it always seems to rain constantly when the sign goes up, it looks to have another year or two at most before it's time for a new sign. But for now, I'll drive slowly into my neighborhood each time, admiring that familiar vintage ghost and haunted house graphic, and then panicking in realizing that Halloween is so close!

It's also about time for me to start looking cautiously at the upcoming weather report for Halloween night. For the past 4 or 5 years, it has only led to disappointment, as we have had rain on Halloween night, so I think that we are long overdue for a break from Mother Nature.

It's still just over a week away and I know that the forecast will change at least 6 or 7 more times, but so far, so good. Fingers crossed that it stays this good...



Ladydragon Queen said...

I love your tradition of the sign! That is so beautiful and shows a rallying community spirit. That is simply so beautiful. I hope to be a part of such a neighborhood in the future when my husband and I become home owners.

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