Rocktober Blood - "Killer On The Loose"

Holy hell, how have I not heard of this one before?? Taken from the same page as other 80s heavy metal slashers such as Trick or Treat, Rocktober Blood is a ridiculous heavy metal horror flick from 1984 in which singer Billy "Eye" Harper returns from the dead to take revenge on his former bandmates. It's pretty straightforward slasher faire, but the standout moments of this film have to be the concert scenes, played by the actual band Sorcery.

The absolute high point of this one is when the band takes the stage, unknowingly fronted by back-from-the-dead frontman Billy, dressed in a hilariously cheap latex demon reaper mask. The song is totally awesome, as is the on-stage killing...

I seriously cannot recommend this movie enough. From the scene in the opening credits where the singer unleashes the greatest howl ever recorded in a studio to this crazy concert and then to the final reveal, Rocktober Blood is a hilarious look back at the 80s heavy metal slasher craze.

You can see the entire film on YouTube, and then go buy the film's glorious soundtrack that was just reissued on Lunaris Records.



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