Costco Skeletons

The new hot commodity among home haunters? 60-inch Pose-N-Stay Skeletons from Costco!

This season's batch is starting to make its way to Costcos across the country and if you're in the market for one (or more as I've seen people buying them 10 at a time), I highly suggest you get to your local store and get one quick because they are flying off the shelves. They go for around $40 each, but are of good quality and realism.

A big thank you to ActionJax for the "friend-of-a-friend" Costco member hookup. I scored three and I'm already planning their roles in this year's cemetery yard haunt.


wicKED said...

GAH! There are no Costco's where I live in Virginia! AHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOO!

highbury said...

Hey KED, see if this will work for you! You may have additional membership fees though:

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