The Crimson Ghost - Episode 6: Mystery Of The Mountain

Way to go, Diana! You've saved Duncan from the poison gas just in the nick of time. I'd be willing to bet the the Crimson Ghost didn't use Chloratine this time! Later, the ever-resourceful Duncan gets a list of radio shops in the area that sell something or other and he's going to check them out. And of course he happens upon a shop where Ash is working with some sort of radio guy who is using an electronic stethoscope to open a safe. Fight! Another well-choreographed fight breaks out and Duncan is subdued. But ha-ha! He was only pretending. He's heard Ash's plan to use the electronic stethoscope to break into the vault containing the heavy water, a key ingredient for the Cyclotrode. He smooth-talks the radio guy into getting a cigarette out of his coat pocket, but ha-ha! It was a trick cigarette case! The oldest one in the book! And it was probably Chloratine that knocked the radio guy out! Duncan quickly escapes and makes his way to find Ash. And while Ash and the other goon has successfully stolen the heavy water, Duncan drives up and the bullets start flying. Ash escapes after Duncan cold gats the other goon, and a car chase ensues. Ash makes the quick turn onto a dirt road to evade Duncan (maybe Diana should have driven?) and gets to the waiting pilot in the plane, who is going to fly the heavy water to the Crimson Ghost. But as the plane starts to take off, Duncan flies down the road. Ash unloads on his car, apparently hitting Duncan with a bullet (maybe?), but the still-speeding car drifts into the path of the plane as it's trying to take off and KA-BLAMO!!

Let's see how Duncan escapes a bullet and a giant fireball this episode 6: Mystery Of The Mountain.

(and thanks as always to jjsleighride for posting the episodes!!)


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