The Crimson Ghost - Episode 5: Flaming Death

Hang on, Duncan! It was a good thing that ledge was there so that you could tarzan swing to safety! Now you can catch the Crimson Ghost with your secret plan, using heavy water, the active ingredient for the Cyclotrode, as bait. And you've caught Professor Anderson red-handed as he was trying to steal the heavy water. But Duncan, you fool! Professor Anderson was not the Crimson Ghost! He was merely another pawn in the Ghost's sick game! And now you've killed him by removing his control collar. And Ash has gotten away with the heavy water. Luckily, Diana is there to drive you around and follow the Crimson Ghost's car--but straight into a trap! Captured in a room where you're gassed. I just hope it wasn't Chloratine!!

Is Duncan really out this time? Find out in episode 5: Flaming Death.

(Thanks as always to jjsleighride for posting the episodes!)


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