The Crimson Ghost - Episode 8: The Slave Collar

And Diana pulls the classic "Duncan"! She leaps from her car before it goes KA-BLAMO! on the bridge. She runs back to the road and flags down the first car to come by. Unfortunately, it happens to be Ash whose on his way back to the secret hideout. Apparently Diana isn't much of a mountain climber, because Ash easily captures her before she can scale the rock face to safety. When she awakens, she's in the presence of the Crimson Ghost! She is quickly fitted with the mind-control collar and sent forth to do the Crimson Ghost's bidding. Back at the lab, Duncan arrives, surprised to see Diana. She, in turn, gives Duncan a small present. Oh no! Chloratine! Duncan pretends to be out cold (he has built up a tolerance to Chloratine as this series goes on) and surprises Ash as he enters the lab. Fight! Another one of the Crimson Ghost's goons gets the Duncan beat down and gets turned to S'more as he's dumped into the generator. As Duncan fights with Ash, the Crimson Ghost instructs Diana to kill Duncan. She clobbers him with a bar stool, and he too falls into the generator with a blinding flash...

Let's see how Duncan inevitably escapes this one in episode 8: The Slave Collar.

(And in case you missed it, thanks to jjsleighride for posting the episodes!!)


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