The Crimson Ghost - Episode 10: The Trap That Failed

And Duncan got Diana's collar removed just in the nick of time! Ash, posing as Dr. Gage, pulls the plug on the magnetic machine just as Duncan removes the collar and it explodes in a flash of light. Fight! Duncan knocks Ash out and sets up his plan. Handcuffed, Ash watches as one armed guard relieves the other, but it's a trick! The new guard was sent by the Crimson Ghost and knocks the first guard out, then frees Ash. While he is escaping, Duncan arrives. Fight! Ash is able to escape in a getaway car parked in the alley. But surprise, Ash! It's an elaborate plan set up by Duncan, and you've fallen for it! Your getaway car is bugged and Duncan can now follow you straight to the Crimson Ghost's hideout. Duncan soon arrives at the hideout, cold steel drawn. He sneaks in to surprise the Crimson Ghost and what appears to be that guy that was working on a safe at the radio store with Ash way back when. Anyway, Duncan, curious to find out the identity of the Crimson Ghost, removes the skull mask. But it's Ash! Duncan, you've been one-upped. The real Crimson Ghost now comes up from behind, with his cold steel drawn. Quickly, Duncan pulls the steampipe trick, blowing hot steam at the Crimson Ghost. Fight! A massive brawl breaks out while Hi-Test Fuel leaks from a barrel pierced by a gunshot. Sparks erupt and the hideout goes up in a blaze! While Duncan and Ash are grappling, the Crimson Ghost lays a chair to the back of Duncan (a move any ECW fan would be proud of!), knocking him out. The Crimson Ghost and Ash then grab the heavy water and escape the inferno.

Is Duncan destined to be crispy this time around? Find out in episode 10: The Trap That Failed.

(Thanks as always to jjsleighride for posting the episodes!!)


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