The Crimson Ghost - Episode 12: The Invisible Trail

Oh thank the heavens! I went back and reviewed the previous episode and realized that it wasn't Ash that got killed by Duncan. Ash is still alive! The bad guys can still win!

So back to the recap... Diana pulls her second "Duncan" and escapes the runaway truck seconds before it smashes through the warehouse wall and plummets into the ocean. Unfortunately, they must have forgotten about Professor Van Wyck, because he was still in the truck. Way to show compassion, Duncan! While this is going on, the Crimson Ghost escapes again. But at least Diana is alright, I guess. Screw Van Wyck. Back at the new Crimson Ghost hideout, a new character is introduced. He is apparently going to build the Cyclotrode for the Crimson Ghost. At the same time, Duncan, who is now back at his lab, tells Diana about his new plan to bring in a psychologist who will observe the two remaining professors and determine which one is the Crimson Ghost. But Duncan, you fool! You allow the cleaning lady to come in, only to find out that she has stashed a recorder in the trash can and the Crimson Ghost has heard your entire plan. He then replaces the real psychologist, Dr. Cushing, with an imposter who must have the widest-set eyes I have ever seen. He looks like a frog. But he is quickly foiled when he falls for Duncan's trick questions about his middle name and which hand he signs a copy of his book with. Things you should know before you impersonate someone. A fight breaks out and before Duncan can get any information from him, he pulls his collar off and is quickly turned to mush. Meanwhile, Diana is sent over to Duncan's secret apartment to retrieve the Cyclotrode plans. But two of the Crimson Ghost's goons are there to get her. One goon even pulls a move the Sopranos would be proud of. The old "Give Me The Plans to the Cyclotrode, Or I'll Smash Your Hand in This Drawer" trick. She opens the safe, but throws the plans out the window. And during this time, Duncan is quickly on his way to save the day yet again. He arrives just in time to have a three-way dance with the goons. Fists fly and one goon escapes, leaving the other high and dry. Duncan and goon number 2 brawl it out, and one of the two gets a fist to the face and falls out of the window, plummeting to the ground below. I'm going to go ahead and say that it probably wasn't Duncan, based on ever single episode so far...

Let's find out how this thing ends with the final episode: The Invisible Trail.

(And one last thank you must go out to jjsleighride for posting all the episodes!!)


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