Halloween - Official Trailer

In the off chance that you haven't seen it yet, the first official trailer was FINALLY posted for the newest installment in the Halloween franchise. A new sequel from the 1978 original that picks up the storyline 40 years after the events of Halloween night. So all of those other less-than-stellar sequels are now null and void (except for you, Season Of The Witch, you'll always be my favorite!)...

I've watched this trailer a few times now and I'm actually pretty excited about it. I really like the new, more contemporarily stylized prison yard scenes. It seems to give the film a new maturity.

I also like the new badass Laurie Strode. 40 years of training with the single focus on revenge.

And of course the return of The Shape. A great, worn version of that iconic mask with the same movement and characteristics of the original. Although in doing some quick math, wouldn't Michael Myers now be about 60 years old??

I'm cautiously optimistic on this film, trying not to blow up on the hype as it's VERY rare that any film can live up to it. Even with John Carpenter's name attached to it. But I'll definitely be in line when Halloween hits the theaters on Friday, October 19th.


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