Steve Moore - "Cub" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

I have yet to actually see the 2014 Belgian horror film Cub (although it is now on Amazon Prime, so I think I know what I'll be watching tonight!), but I had heard Steve Moore's (from Zombi fame) incredible soundtrack shortly after the film's initial release. And since that time, it has been patiently sitting on my wantlist.

I was finally able to add it to my vinyl collection and it has been on a constant rotation here at the Cemetery ever since.

Lush, ominous synth-driven ambient soundscapes that go much darker than any of his work in Zombi, this release is right in my wheelhouse and has already become a favorite. (Especially the tracks The Hunt and Sam vs. Kai. Wow.) I just can't believe I've waited this long to grab the soundtrack and see the film itself!

From Steve Moore's Bandcamp page:

Original soundtrack to the major motion picture Cub scored by STEVE MOORE (Zombi). Cub is a brutal horror film from Belgium that tells the tale of a young cub-scout bullied by his troop-mates. When the kids take a scout camping trip to the woods, things get bloody quickly when a deranged poacher sets his sites on the young kids. STEVE MOORE's haunting synth based score is the perfect soundscape for this acclaimed horror film. Whether you're familiar with the movie Cub or not, STEVE MOORE's score sits perfectly with your Zombi discography.


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