Slayer Announces Final World Tour

So I have an embarrassing secret to reveal. I have never seen Slayer live. I don't even know how that is possible, as I've had numerous occasions to go see them over the 28 years that I have been listening to them. And they tour all the time! I guess I've always had something else going on when they came to town, always thinking that I could go see them "next time."

Well, "next time" is finally here, because after 37 years of creating some of the most iconic brutal thrash metal, Slayer are calling it quits after one last world tour. For me, it's now or never, so I'm grabbing a ticket for their June 7 show in Cleveland (technically Akron, as the venue is only 10 minutes from the Cemetery). I know about 20 of my friends will be going too, so it is shaping up to be one hell of a bash to celebrate the legacy of one of the best.

And if they can bring even half of the energy and aggression from the clip below to this show (I know, I know, no Dave Lombardo or Jeff Hanneman (RIP)), my heart may actually explode. I've been a fan for a long time and it's time to pay a proper homage to the masters.

Slayer's final world tour starts May 10 in San Diego. Check the current list of tour dates (with likely many additional dates to come) here, and I'll see you in the pit on June 7!



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