Miles To Midnight

The invitation came in a cinnamon scented envelope. It had been years since your last visit to the hotel, before the headlines of murder had shut it down. Was it re-opened after all these years?

A bottle of pills later, your car pulled up outside the old building. The lights were on, struggling to cut through the heavy fog. Distant voices and music lingered like smoke as you entered the lobby.

Miles to Midnight is a Dark Jazz Ambient album with a Lynchian Noir feel: A hotel trapped between two worlds and a detective with a traumatized past.

God Body Disconnect's live jazz drums and cinematic wall-of-sound builds the foundation of the mysterious hotel. Cities Last Broadcast brings ghostly tape loops and melodies stuck in time. Atrium Carceri dusts off his old pianos and shatters reality with low bass rumbles and brings you into the other side of the hotel. For lovers of smokey soundtracks to unwritten movies.

With a description like this, how could you NOT press play? Miles To Midnight is a new collaboration between dark ambient heavyweights Atrium Carceri, Cities Last Broadcast and God Body Disconnect, and is described as a "foggy noir album." And reading the above description really piqued my interest.

Upon hearing the first track, I was hooked. It definitely had a cool jazz vibe that was a bit different than the usual dark ambient sound. This had a feeling of a lost old black-and-white film soundtrack, complete with a scotch on the rocks in a dark, smokey room...

And being a fan of all things vinyl, I was especially excited to see this get a proper release on wax. The order is already in, and I can't wait to get it. I'll turn the lights down, light a few candles, kick back with a stiff drink and soak it all in.


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