Halloween Prop No. 2

Halloween prop number 2, a sister piece to our Pratt Tombstone, is in the books! The newest member to be buried in Highbury Cemetery is none other than Bela Ferenc Dezso Blasko.

I updated another one of our old, blank tombstones with the same mache skull and the same finishing/painting techniques as the Pratt (check out the link above to see all the details). I used a set of green LED lights for the eyes on this one and found out that they are much brighter than the red LEDs we used for the Pratt stone.

I intend to make one more tombstone with the same skull and another set of green LEDs, so I think it will look pretty cool with two green-eyed tombstones flanking one with red. The first shot is in regular light to show the weathering and detailing techniques that were used, and the second and third shots are with the same multi-color LED spotlight that we shot the Pratt stone with. Enjoy the pictures as I'm off to start tombstone number 3!


The Frog Queen said...

Looks good! Great work!


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