Halloween 1974

Okay group, to keep things rolling along for the Countdown To Halloween, I've decided to share some of my earliest Halloween costumes all this week. A big thanks to my mom for digging out the old photo albums and bringing these pics over to be scanned. Be sure to stop back all week, as we've got some real doozies to share!

We're going to start off with my first Halloween. The year was 1974 and I was 16 months old. Apparently my mom didn't realize I was a boy as she dressed me up as some kind of witch. A cute little Druid witch, complete with my light blue bunny pants. I just love the pointed hood! Enjoy!


Scrapes said...

Cute indeed! As your younger brother, I'm surprised I've never seen this photo. I would have prefered THIS as a hand-me-down instead of that Browns jacket!

highbury said...

Oh just wait, young brother of mine, there are plenty more where this came from! You'll see that Browns jackets weren't the only thing handed down.

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