Day Of The Dead Zombie Mask by Trick or Treat Studios

I just came across this new Day Of The Dead Zombie mask, sculpted by Kelly Mann for Trick or Treat Studios.

From their site:
Keeping in the tradition of Trick or Treat Studios love for the unique and our love for the Mexican Day of the Dead Festival, Kelly Mann created the most incredible Zombie Halloween Mask ever produced, a mask we call the Day of the Dead Zombie.

The Day of the Dead Zombie is an artistic masterpiece of mask making and comes with 360 degrees of artist wonder. This Day of the Dead Halloween Mask has it all, including hearts, flowers, a moon, a cross and an ultra cool eight ball. This is the ultimate Halloween Mask to celebrate the Day of the Dead.

So get yourself a plane ticket to Mexico, our Day of the Dead Zombie Halloween Mask and march the streets of Mexico!

Pre-orders are being taken now and can be ordered here. This sweet piece of latex will be making its way to my shelf shortly!



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