Yankee Candle Halloween Preview Party

So I seem to be more into candles this Halloween, as I have already scored some Nature's Wick Bonfire Nights candles from Target and I decided today to stop by my local Yankee Candle store to check out their Halloween Preview Party.

I had seen a few blogs post up the invite for today's preview party, so I decided to stop by this afternoon to see what they had. I checked their site beforehand to see what they were going to be offering up and made my shopping list.

When I got to their store (located in my local mall), I immediately saw a rope line. I assume that all of the crazy candle ladies showed up early to make sure that they got in to get the best selection. Ha, not me though. I waited until about noon as I have no tolerance for purchasing hysteria.

I went in and saw the racks filled with the new Halloween offerings and quickly found everything I was looking for (after being helped by the friendly staff who were (quite poorly) dressed up as The Avengers).

I quickly took my few things to the counter, paid and got out of there. I scored a nice Witches' Brew Jar Candle, 2 Witches Brew Car Jars and a Candy Corn Car Jar. I really like the scent of the Witches' Brew, with a nice sweet, spicy note that for some reason reminds me of the old scratch n' sniff stickers I used to collect when I was little.

No need to break the bank when I still need to buy quite a few things for this year's yard haunt. I got in and I got out. And I was disappointed that I didn't see anything about the advertised "giveaways every hour," unless they were the small table of cupcakes in the corner. No matter, as I now have a sweet new candle for the office as I work on my Halloween master plan.



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Lisa said...

I'm on my way there after work tonight. I hope they have the dog & cat Boney Bunch pieces, since they sold out quick online.
I've heard so much about the Witches' Brew candle - I'll have to check it out!

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