Highbury Cemetery, 2012

Five straight days of rain, huge time commitments at work, a last-minute weather-related rescheduling and taking care of our newborn son. Even through all of that, we still managed to pull it off. Somehow we all got together and managed to get through another incredible Halloween season. Saturday's rescheduled neighborhood trick-or-treat left many questions as we set up a scaled-down version of our haunt through some light morning rains. Would the weather ever break? Would anybody show up? Would anybody think a scaled back version of Highbury Cemetery would still be cool??

In reflecting on last night's mayhem, I can happily answer "yes" to all of the above! The skies cleared up and allowed us to run all of our lighting. We still had over 100 trick-or-treaters, neighbors and curious onlookers stop by. And we had many compliments and photo requests throughout the night.

After all of the stress of trying to get everything set up and organized, 2012 goes down in the books as another successful year for the Highbury family.

So without further ado, I present Highbury Cemetery, 2012:

A big, big thank you goes out, as always, to everyone who helped set up, scare, and then tear down this year. You all earned your shirts this year! The Golden Zombie awards go out to Sharon, Karen, Scrapes, Andrew and Neighbor Joe for helping making this year so much fun. We couldn't do it without you! 

And of course a big thanks to everyone who cooperated with the trick-or-treat reschedule and made it out to visit us. We enjoyed serving you. And especially the kids that I got to chase all the way down the street. You guys really make trick-or-treat fun!

But a special Platinum Zombie award goes out to Mrs. Highbury, who couldn't help out this year, as she had her hands full with one very special little skeleton:

I can't wait until he's old enough to become one of the members of Highbury Cemetery. I'd say he's already got the look down! 


Mantan Calaveras said...

I think that babby has a little autumnal gleaming in his eye.

Pam Morris said...

a perfect little skeleton! (and yeah, I agree--he's got that dreamy little Halloween look in his eye...) cemetery looks great--beautiful lighting!

wicKED said...

Perfect Skele/future haunter to go along with your perfect cemetery! Great lighting as always. Well done! Geek questions.....what camera did you use to capture such vivid and clear pictures?

highbury said...

Thanks, all!

KED, I use a Sony Nex 3 camera. I cheat a little bit, as I use the built-in "Hand-Held Twilight" shoot mode. It actually takes 5 photos in rapid sequence all without a flash and then tiles them all together. This mode gives me the great colors in the photos above. It was the best investment I have made, as it's sooooo much better than my old point-and-shoot with a flash.

Lisa said...

Everything looks great! And why am I thinking that out of all this awesomeness, the the simple wood crosses are my favorite? **facepalm**

And the tiny, adorable skeleton is the best prop ever!

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