Highbury Cemetery, 2013

Sunday, Oct. 27 - Partly Cloudy - 50 degrees - 0 precipitation
Monday, Oct. 28 - Partly Cloudy - 57 degrees - 0 precipitation
Tuesday, Oct. 29 - Partly Sunny - 56 degrees - 0 precipitation
Wednesday, Oct. - Partly Sunny - 64 degrees - 0 precipitation
Thursday, Oct. 31 - Rain and High Winds - 67 degrees - 1" of precipitation
Friday, Nov. 1 - Windy - 63 degrees - 0 precipitation

I think by the data above, you can tell what kind of Halloween we had. Mother Nature let us know what she thought of Halloween this year and she gave us her worst. Had we an extra 12 hours, it would have been a different story.

By 2:00, the skies opened up and did not stop for the rest of the night. To make a long, painful story short, we ended up putting up about half of our yard haunt. I think I managed about 3 lights through the entire cemetery, as I didn't want to chance having someone getting electrocuted. As we speak, some props are STILL drying out in the garage. I think to say that 2013 was one of the worst home haunt years on record for us would be a bit of an understatement. And yes, even worse than last year, when we had to reschedule Trick-or-Treat due to the effects of a hurricane. IN OHIO...

We watched the ever-changing weather forecast and rolled the dice. Unfortunately we came up a bit short in our effort to continue Trick-or-Treat. The only question that was burning deep in my brain was whether or not any kids would even show up in such miserable conditions...

While we set up in a steady downpour, I grabbed my camera for a few progress shots. By the end of the night, everything, especially the yard haunt actors, were thoroughly soaked. At 8:00, we threw in the towel and tore everything down as fast as we could. I didn't even bother with any night shots this year, as there were hardly any lights.

So I present the only shots from this year's haunt. Grab the life vests!! 

2013 was to be the debut of my new cemetery entrance. The new gate and sign were this year's big project and took roughly 3 months to finish. Luckily, everything survived the weather and will be ready for next year's haunt.

We ended up keeping the black garbage bag over the talking skull cemetery greeter for the entire night. No sense in getting everything wet. Although in the dark, it DID look somewhat like a bodybag...

And although the tombstones got soaked, everything made it through the night and will be ready to go for next year, too...

None of the jackos washed away, either!

All in all, we managed to salvage the evening and have a little fun, even if we didn't get to put on the grand show in light of this year's exposure. A lot of friends braved the elements and still came over to work the yard. A very, very heartfelt thank you goes out to this year's crew: Sharon, Karen, Laurie, Andrew, Neighbor Joe, Stacey, Vince, Sabrena and her boyfriend, Eric and Jennifer, and even Daniel, the young guy from up the street who knocked on our door 2 hours before trick-or-treat asking if he could help work our haunt with a bladeless chainsaw that he had.

And as to that burning question that was eating at my brain before trick-or-treat? Amazingly, the neighborhood kids and their parents showed up in full force. While we couldn't give you all the show that we wanted to, we really appreciate every last one of you braving the elements and coming out anyway. It really made the night all worthwhile.

And how many kids came out, you ask?

Not too bad for one of the worst-weathered Halloweens on record. But don't worry. This year's miss will definitely turn into next year's hit. I'm already planning for a few big projects for next year and it's only going to get bigger and better.

As long as Mother Nature cuts us a break...



Mark Faucett said...

Wow that's a lot of hard core trick-or-treaters to come out in that kind of weather! Sorry about your bad weather but sounds like you made the best of it.

Lisa said...

The entrance looks great! That's a good turnout for the crappy weather.

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