One Week Until MHC!!!

The countdown is on! Just one more week until the Midwest Haunter's Convention, my official start to the Halloween season...

Of course I still have work to do to get ready, but the itinerary is set and it looks like it's going to be a jam packed weekend. 

The Highbury crew are heading down Friday and will be going on the Friday Night Bus Tour, making stops at the Scare Factory, the world's largest manufacturer of animatronics for the haunt industry, and then over to the ScareAtorium, one of Ohio's best and largest haunted attractions. And did I see that the bus tour just got an extra bonus with a visit from the White Castle food truck?? My arteries are screaming in joy!!

Saturday, you'll find us on the trade show floor, perusing the wares of all of the vendors. The Northern Ohio Home Haunters Group will probably meet up at some point and go over to North Market for lunch - feel free to join us! We'll be stuffing our faces with some Holy Smoke BBQ!! In the early evening, we'll join up with the Garage of Evil's hotel party. Not sure where it will be yet, but SteveO will be announcing the room number as we get closer to the event. After some pizza and beers, we'll get ready for the main event - the Saturday night Masquerade Party. Amazing costumes and a ton of fun. I look forward to this one all year long (although I STILL have to finish this year's costume...).

If we survive Saturday night, we'll probably take one last trip through the trade show floor on Sunday before heading home with a camera full of photos and bags full of Halloween goodies (and probably a head full of hangover).

If you're going to MHC, look for us and say hello. We're always up for meeting our fellow haunters!

One week to go!!



Lisa said...

Another convention I really want to go to! One of these days, one of these days. Until then - take lots of pics - can't wait to see them!

Mark Faucett said...

Making the 1100 mile drive up I guess! Maybe run into you. Look for the tallest guy there not on stilts and say " hi" most likely will be me!

highbury said...

Mark, if you are driving 1100 miles, I'll seek you out and buy you a beer!!!!!

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