Highbury Cemetery, 2014

Well, we had another night of rain, but it didn't stop our setup and it sure didn't stop the 245 trick-or-treaters that came through the yard haunt, so I'm going to say that Halloween 2014 was a success. A cold, wet and fun success!

T-shirts and posters go out to the following Cemetery members, who without their help, Highbury Cemetery wouldn't exist: Sharon, Karen, Jenn, Scrapes, Andrew, Stacey, Vince, Neighbor Joe, Laurie, and new friend to the Cemetery Mike, who just showed up to check things out but stayed all night and helped with the tear down (I have one extra shirt coming your way, my friend!!).

Without further ado, I present Highbury Cemetery, 2014:



wicKED said...

Another successful year! Great job buddy! Love the lighting again!

Damian Michael AKA HalloweeNut said...

Gorgeous work, man! Completely stunning! Glad this year was a success!

Rot said...

Some of the best haunt photos I've EVER seen.
Absolutely stunning stuff.

highbury said...

Coming from you, that is the highest of compliments! Thank you very much!!

Mark Faucett said...

Very nice! Your night shots turned out great! Glad you had such a great Halloween! 245 treaters... that would be a spectacular year for us! I bet your really pleased!

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