The Halloween House

Dolores Dragan creates fantastic blacklight figures for Halloween that draw thousands of visitors from all over the area to her quiet street in Lambertville, New Jersey. She has a special reason for working so hard on her Tim Burton-esque figures, which delight both young and old.

Dolores was one of the featured guests on last night's episode of Haunters Hangout. We got to meet Dolores and hear the backstory to this unique and wonderful haunt!


Lisa said...

She's awesome! I like her calling herself a Memory Maker - and that's exactly what she's doing!

And I love her horse!!!

Adam said...

Hey. Thanks so much for this post. Its my first time visiting the site. Im about an hour from this house and will most definitely check it out this year. Love the sight. keep it up. Plus, your taste in music is awesome. Thanks. Adam

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