Witches Haunt "Haunted House" Cassette

Fridays in October mean only one thing... It's the return of Freebie Fridays, where I share digital rips from my collection of vintage Halloween vinyl records and cassettes!

First up is an old Halloween cassette from the 1990s. While I have no release info for the Witches Haunt "Haunted House" cassette, I was initially sold on its wonderful art! A poorly adhered label of a spooky skeletal reaper and the words, "Haunted House" immediately piqued my interest. Furthermore, how can you go wrong with the following paragraph:

The piercing scream echoed through the dark deserted halls of the old mansion. It broke the stillness of the cool October night...

Perfect! And after giving it a listen, I was very surprised and really impressed. Side A is a narrated story of a man's exploratory journey through an old, creepy mansion. A truly suspense-filled story!

Side B is more of a standard haunt soundtrack, but some of the sounds are quite demonic and really frightening. Definitely a step above the usual collection of "haunted house sounds."

This cassette is an absolute gem, as I feel that it is geared to an older, more mature audience. While this was one of many novelty cassette tapes that filled the shelves during the Halloween season, this one is far superior due to its quality and darkness. Definitely a great way to start off the Halloween season! Enjoy!!

Download the Witches Haunt "Haunted House" cassette tape here.



Damian Michael AKA HalloweeNut said...

Awesome. Cannot wait to listen!

You are That said...

This is awesome I have literally been looking for this tape for YEARS! My sister and I bought this around 1993 or 94 from Walmart and we were so freaked out! I always wondered what happens to the guy after he goes through the door? I was wondering, do you have the case for this? I have a memory of it being blue with an old haunted house on a hill with a ghost coming from a second story window but I could be getting those memories all mixed up! Anyways thanks so much for ending a long search!

Unknown said...

Side B is supposed to continue the rest of the story. I used to have this cassette, or at least a version of it. Mine came with a case with a cartoonish ghost flying out of a house. I'm happy you uploaded this, but it's only HALF of the story.

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