New Risen Throne - "Crossing The Withered Regions"

Wonderful dark ambient from Italian artist, New Risen Throne, released in 2009.

From the New Risen Throne site:
We thought that everything was done. The last offering was burnt to please the Old Ones, all rituals achieved. But from the remnants of bones scattered before the altar, we saw flowing ashes of unknown origin moving in the shadows. Walls started grinding with deep and dark soundscapes of anguish and terror, voices of ancient eons began moaning and chanting, tearing the veil of our yet fragile senses... The ghosts of impious beings rose from the ground as the music grew louder and deeper, engulfing our hearts and souls.

Then a crude human shape emerged from nowhere and spoke to us:

Behold the birth of a new disciple! Behold the way to follow!

The path of emptiness is paved with bones and spirits, leading to the New Risen Throne, where shadows fall over humanity and a new king awaits...


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