The Return of The Misfits - Riot Fest, Denver 2016

Set List:
Death Comes Ripping
20 Eyes
I Turned Into A Martian
Where Eagles Dare
Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?
All Hell Breaks Loose
Hybrid Moments
Teenagers From Mars
London Dungeon
Earth A.D.
Green Hell
Horror Business
We Are 138
Hollywood Babylon
Die, Die My Darling
Astro Zombies
Last Caress

Night of the Living Dead

Photo: Justin Ng/UPPA/Zuma, Tim Mosenfelder/WireImage/Getty

Yes, with the well-known and well-published animosity between Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only, this does reek of an obvious cash grab. But there's just something about seeing the original band getting back on stage after 33 years and cranking out the absolute classics that I used to skate to way back when (oh hell, it's been 28 years of listening to The Misfits!!...) and not missing a beat and blowing an entire theater of fans away with an amazing performance...

I almost always skip these sorts of lame "reunion" tours, but if this were to continue, I would admit that I would get off my ass and get a ticket if they were to come to town. Once a Misfits fan... 

The Misfits will be playing Riot Fest Chicago on September 16-18.



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