Monster Lab Series by Distortions Unlimited

Ever since watching the "Making Monsters" series on the Travel Channel, I have been a fan of Ed Edmunds and the work he has done at Distortions Unlimited. I have always been a Halloween mask fan too, but his show really got me to thinking about actually trying my hand at sculpting my own mask (just for fun, of course!).

So last week was a slow week at work, and I had some time to explore the web (just don't tell my boss), discovering Distortions' "Monster Lab" YouTube series. What a find! A detailed tutorial series wonderfully punctuated with Edmunds' (and a few other DU employees and sculptors) sense of humor. As I quickly got to episode 9, I took special note. A full series on how to sculpt, cast and paint your own Halloween mask. It was like he made the episodes just for me. I'm finishing up the current episode now and have taken some notes. And I think it's going to be a lot of fun to dive in and just do it. No guarantees, as my sculpting talents are as of yet undiscovered, but what the hell! I think this might be a whole lot of fun! I'll keep you posted as I continue along with this!!


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