Attic Find: Polar Lights Customizing Monster Kits

While rummaging around in my attic late last night, I discovered a long-lost treasure buried among a stack of dusty old boxes. I pulled out one particular box, simply labeled, "Fragile - Records." I couldn't for the life of me remember what exactly was in this box, although I knew it certainly wasn't any vinyl records. When I opened it up, I was completely shocked...

It was a set of perfectly preserved, still sealed Polar Lights' Customizing Monster Kits. "The Skull, Lizard & Rat" and "The Vulture & Mad Dog." Everything You Need to Make Your Monsters Come Alive. I had forgotten that I had ever picked them up! They had been tucked away for the better part of 15 years, and they both still had the original $2.99 price tag from the local discount store. Unreal.

These plastic model kits were part of a large assortment originally released during the monster kid craze of the 1960s under the well-known name of Aurora. Polar Lights re-released many of these kits in the late 1990s, keeping the original's famous long-box form and incredibly cool packaging art.

These will definitely go on display in my ever-growing collection of monsters and masks! And this score has piqued my interest to see what other long-forgotten monster treasures are buried away in my attic, just waiting to be rediscovered. I'll dig in and post up what I find soon!



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