Cryo Chamber's FREE "Dark Ambient of 2017" Mix

One last goodie before 2017 calls it quits, thanks to Oregon dark ambient label, Cryo Chamber!

They just released a great, one-hour long mix from some of their 2017 releases. And it's free!

From the Cryo Chamber Bandcamp page:

This is our Christmas gift for 2017 to all who support us and is free for everyone!

Continuing our yearly tradition, we picked some interesting releases this year. Some that fall well within our dark ambient borders, and some that scratch at the surface extending it's inky tendrils all over neighboring genres.

With tracks from Flowers From Bodysnatchers, Apocryphos/Kammarheit/Atrium Carceri, Metatron Omega, Atrium Carceri/Cities Last Broadcast, and Wordclock, you'll have a great little mix perfect for an October haunt soundtrack! I think the dark ambient genre lends itself nicely to a haunt theme and have been using it as background sound in my haunt display for years. And I HIGHLY recommend this mix, as it's full of great tracks.

Go get this mix for free over at the Cryo Chamber Bandcamp page!


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