"The Chemist" Voodoo Doll by Artsytartsyandsuch

Now I know the first thought that will go through your head when you see the photo is, "That isn't something that Highbury Cemetery is into. It's too cute!"

And you're usually right, except in this instance. On very rare occasions, I'll drift into the "cute" Halloween realm...

Good friend of Highbury Cemetery, Miss Juli Riedel at Artsytartsyandsuch recently posted a photo of her newest voodoo doll creation and I knew I had to have it. The amazing fabric print pattern used on The Chemist really spoke to the graphic designer in me and I snatched it up the second she put it up in her Etsy store. She found out that it was a little birthday present to myself and she ended up going the extra distance and added a few extra goodies including a handmade birthday card. Super cool!!

So now my newest voodoo doll will take his rightful place among the few other voodoo items on my office shelf (right next to the Highbury feltie that was created by Miss RoxyBlue!), providing positive juju to the entire Cemetery!

If you're interested, you can still get "The Chemist" from Juli's store, Artsytartsyandsuch on Etsy. Do yourself a favor and check out all the cool handmade goodies in her store. And tell her that Highbury sent 'ya!!



Lady M said...
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Lady M said...

Sorry - had some poor grammar in the last comment so I had to delete it. Just wanted to say that I love this guy. I hope he brings a lot of positive Juju and that 2018 is your best haunt ever.

highbury said...

Ha!, Lady M - don't let poor grammar get in the way here!! :) I just hope this little guy kick starts my 2018 build season! I'm REALLY behind for this year.

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