Government Notice - Virul Infection Information Flyer

So after all of the craziness that was Halloween, I began purging old stuff that I didn't need or use and was taking up too much space. Upon opening up one old storage tote, I discovered a hilarious old prop flyer that I once used to great effect...

Way back in 2010, I found this Zombie Infection flyer somewhere on the Internet. I ended up printing out a small stack and plastered them on every tree, light post, and street sign on my block for that year's haunt display. They were everywhere.

And as I was walking up and down the sidewalk in front of my house during trick-or-treat that night, I glanced over at a group of parents huddled together, reading the flyer that I had posted to a light post. I could not believe what I heard next...

One of the moms, with a worried/confused look on her face, looked over to her friend and said, "Is... is this real??"

YES. IT IS COMPLETELY REAL. Run for your life.

A posted zombie virus flyer (from England, no less) was mistaken for real. On Halloween night. In front of a cemetery yard haunt with people dressed up as zombies. It was one of the few times I have ever broken character, but I busted up laughing. Got 'ya!! Happy Halloween!!

After reminiscing on that night for a bit, I ran up to my computer wondering if I still had this old file. And after a quick search, sure enough I found it. So here it is!!

Grab the hi res .bmp image below and feel free to print some up for your haunt display. Or your next COVID-affected holiday gathering. Either way, this is sure to be an effective scare! Enjoy!


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