New Year, Same Old Me

Happy 2023, everybody! I took a few weeks off, but I wanted to get back at it with a very big announcement.

I still can't believe this, but 2023 is going to be the 20th year of the Highbury Cemetery yard haunt!!

Wow. Where has the time gone (and am I REALLY that old??)?

I can still remember those early days of discovering the crazy world of home haunting, learning how to build props for the yard, meeting and collaborating with likeminded haunt lunatics, establishing the identity of the haunt, drafting friends and family members to join in on my Halloween fun, and finally taking the big step in starting this blog!

As they say, time flies when you're having fun and this trip has been one hell of a good time! In honor of the big milestone, I'm going to be bringing the goods throughout the year.

I'm kicking it up a notch with a ton of new posts from now through All Hallows Eve, including some extra special surprises along the way! Lots of announcements to come in the following months, so check back, hang out and celebrate!

Twenty years is a pretty big deal to me, so I want to make it extra special and share it all with the haunt community that has been my extended family for the entire ride. Let's do this.

Only 277 days until Halloween. Are you ready?



Haunted Eve said...

Congratulations on going on 20 years of yard haunting! 2023 will be our 26th yard haunt, the 14th at the "new" house. It's crazy how many years have gone by since we started doing this, but it's also always something we look forward to doing every year. We almost gave it up when we moved in 2010 thinking that the "new" neighborhood would have less trick-or-treaters being out in more rural/lower population town. But we asked the neighbors that first summer after moving in and they told us to the contrary, "We get lots of trick-or-treaters in this development, they come from all around the area, even older kids because there's not much else to do out here." So as long as we have an audience and we're physically able, we're going to keep on doing what we've been doing!

highbury said...

Eve, I'm super jealous of your good luck! I moved into a new development just over 3 years ago, and while we haven't hit the same numbers as the last house yet, we continue to grow each year! So I'm right there with you. If the kids keep showing up, I'm going to keep building and haunting!!

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