Cupid's Revenge at the Haunted Schoolhouse

It's that time again! Love is in the air, serenaded by the romantic sounds of... SCREAMS! Valentine's Day is here and that means one thing:
Cupid's Revenge at the Haunted Schoolhouse! It's one of my favorite off-season haunt events, because this one definitely gets crazy. It's the one event that really is more fun than scary, and everyone in attendance is there to have a good time. It's definitely more party than haunt.

And while I will not be guest-acting at this year's event, I will still be there on Saturday night, getting down disco style. I can't wait to boogie with those disco dumpster babies...

If you're not in the Northeast Ohio area and can't make it out to party down with me, be sure to check your local haunts. Plenty are now doing themed haunts and would love your support!!

Happy Valentine's Day, all!


Lady M said...

What a blast - did you go??

highbury said...

@LadyM - I did go!! It was super fun - saw some haunt friends I hadn't seen in awhile and went through the haunt which looked GREAT!! And did I mention the two big actors dressed as Cupid in their big white diapers and wings??

Sites said...

I'm grateful for the sense of community your blog has fostered among its readers.

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