Lorain County Zombie Walk - Part 1

This past weekend, I decided at the last minute to venture up to the Lorain County Food Drive & Zombie Walk, put on by some friends in the GoE's Northern Ohio Haunters group. Originally, I was not planning on going, as Mrs. Highbury was out of town at her parents' house and Scrapes was off doing the Warrior Dash. I really didn't want to go by myself, but late Friday night I got a volunteer to tag along. My mom! Sweet! How cool is it when your mom wants to go to the Zombie Walk with you!?

So we jumped in the car and headed up to Amherst, mom driving, me desperately trying to finish my makeup in time for the start of the walk. As we got into town, the walk had just started, so I grabbed a rubber brain, jumped out of the car, gave mom the camera, and ran to catch up with the shambling horde of lunatics, lurching down the street.

And I must say, we had an unbelievable time. I met up with a few GoE members and we all staggered down the road with well over 100 other ghastly, undead pedestrians. A big, big thanks to Tracee WitchOtastic for putting this thing on, for all of the zombies for coming out to help good causes (benefiting the Lorain County Food Bank and Life Share Blood Bank), and to my mom for grabbing the camera and taking all of the shots below!!

Tons more event photos here and here.


Lisa said...

That looks like a lot of fun!! That's so cool that there is all ages, too!

Anonymous said...

Great story! Very cool of your mom to go along.

highbury said...

Hey monsterforrent! I see that you are none other than "Tall Frankenstein"! Your costume was AWESOME!! My mom and I both loved it! I cracked up watching you drinking a beer at the bar.

And I think technically Frankenstein would have to be considered at least a partial zombie, seeing as though he was reanimated from the dead, so you're good. :)

John Erdovegi said...

Hi, good to meet you amazing Amherst-Lorain folks. You've got some very good pictures. At times we must've been shooting zombies, side-by-side, some very similar scenes. Would love to have Zombie friends. You can find me at "John Erdovegi" or "Mister E Photo" on Facebook or "JustAMisterE" on Youtube.

Warning, some of my pictures have a "Cat-5 Scary Rating". I'll have 1-of-3 groups, uploaded before noon Today.

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