Lorain County Zombie Walk - Part 2

So after the events of the actual zombie walk had ended and many of the undead shambled into the nearest watering hole to quench their thirst, a group of us decided to walk a few blocks down to Cleveland Street Cemetery, in Amherst.

Always one to keep an eye out for reference material for my own home haunt tombstones, I pulled out the camera and went to work as soon as we passed through the nondescript entrance (we couldn't even find a name for the cemetery anywhere - I had to Google it). And what a treasure trove of reference material it turned out to be! Centuries-old tombstones were packed into every corner of the small cemetery. I could have taken pictures of every single stone there...

And seeing as though we were all dressed up as zombies, and we were in a cemetery, we couldn't resist the urge to goof around a little... Oh, the faces of some of the motorists as they drove by and saw us lurching toward them from behind a tombstone. PRICELESS!!


And it looks like we just got an added bonus, as Tall Frankenstein, Eric and I have made the homepage of the Amherst News-Times! The accompanying article has a few more photos, too. Looks like I'll have to find a copy of Tuesday's paper. We'll all be famous for sure!! Call George Romero!!


wicKED said...

Great shots! There were some super creepy stones in that Graveyard! Gives one ideas on making their own!

highbury said...

Thanks, wicKED! We thought that the stones were probably exposed to decades' worth of Cleveland's "Heyday." You know, burning rivers and acid rain?? Amazing streaking and weathering on all of the tombstones there. And feel free to use all of the photos for reference. That's what I use 'em for!

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