June Update (Going to MHC!)

It's been a while group, but we're back with a real quick update. Tomorrow, Scrapes and I are headed down to Columbus to experience the madness that is the Midwest Haunters Convention. Be sure to look for 2 zombies (of the many that will undoubtedly be there) at the Masquerade Ball and say hello. Or buy us a drink. It's totally up to you.

And be sure to check back next week because we're going to be hitting the reset button for 2012. A new look and tons of new posts. MHC is our official start to the 2012 build season, so it's time to gets things moving. We're down to 145 days and, as usual, we're behind schedule! See you in Columbus!!


Lisa said...

I wish I could make it to this and/or GLFF - darn kid has too much dance & end-of-school stuff going on this time of time for me to go. SHUCKS!

Have fun & take lots of pics for us to live vicariously thru!

Scrapes said...

This will my first MHC and I'm really excited! I have volunteered to drive, so Highbury will have to suffer through two hours of my music:) and aggressive driving. I'm fueling up on coffee and packing up the car- can't wait to share what the MHC has to offer.

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