MHC 2012 Recap - Part 1

So here we are at the start of the 2012 build season with a new post and a new look. We weren't completely happy with the last look, so we decided to freshen it up a little bit. We hope you like the remodeling.

As we mentioned in our last post, Scrapes and I traveled down to Columbus for our new annual ritual, the Midwest Haunters Convention. Again, the MHC didn't disappoint. More vendors and more attendees than last year meant meeting more people, scoring more swag, and most importantly, snapping more photos.

For part one, we walked through the MHC Trade Show floor, admiring art and products from over 100 exhibitors...

Three amazing art and mask pieces from Demski Creations. I love the creepiness of their canvas masks.

Now these scent jars caught my attention for obvious reasons and I can happily report that I had NEVER smelled anything like that before...

Shout out to Steve at the Garage of Evil for the great laser arcade booth setup and for bringing his stunning UFO, produced in their brand new workshop. Why not check them out, as they have some amazing member props on display. I've been a proud GoE member since 2009. I also donated to the workshop and got to personalize a brick, so if you're ever in their shop, look for the one that says, "HIGHBURY."

And finally, my favorite vendors Creepy Collection were back with their wide array of dolls, zombies and clowns... I went crazy with the camera.

Pay special attention to the most ghastly prop in their collection, the one above at the top right. So lifelike, so real, so horrifying!!

Don't worry if you couldn't make it down to the show this year, as a list of all the event exhibitors (as well as links to their web sites) can still be found here. But try your best to get there next year, as they will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary, in what will be sure to be even crazier than this year! Mark your calendars now for June 7 - 9, 2013. We won't miss it for the world!

And stop back soon for recap part 2: The Masquerade Ball!



Lisa said...

Oh my....that prop you pointed out in the upper right corner of the pic is beyond words......what sort of twisted, demented mind created such a thing? LOL

This looks like so much fun - one day I will go to this!

highbury said...

Lisa, to answer your question... it was my parents :) You do need to get to MHC, as it is a ton of fun. Next year, I may try to do one of the pre-con bus tours to area haunted houses!

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