Cities Last Broadcast - "The Humming Tapes"

Available now! Great new dark ambient audio from Pär Böstrom's (Kammarheit) side project, Cities Last Broadcast. Just in time to fuel this year's summer haunt build!!

From the Cryo Chamber bandcamp page:

Pär Boström of cult project Kammarheit presents us with his side project Cities Last Broadcasts second album, The Humming Tapes. 

On this album Pär Boström explores his fascination with old seances and the early 20th century. Reel-to-reel tape recorders and de-tuned instrumentation combined with modern mixing techniques creates an album that sounds haunted, but also careful and nurturing. 

Pär has with this work taken yet another step forward in his production skill set squashing any doubt that he is one of the most unique artists in the genre with his unorthodox approach to recording his sounds.


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