One Week Until MHC, 2016!

Nothing like waiting until the last minute. As usual...

Even though I started in March, the costume is nowhere near done. I'm still waiting on a package with a few pieces for it (which probably won't even show up in time), but somehow, I'll be able to throw something together for this year's Midwest Haunters Convention Masquerade Ball.

Oh, and I have six days to finish it! MHC is next weekend!

Going to get to the thrift store today to gather up the last remaining pieces to tie this year's costume all together (the devil is in the detail!), and then crank it all out in the garage. If everything goes according to plan, I should be wrapping it all up late Thursday night, as I'm packing to leave early the following morning.

Here's a couple of teaser shots of what I have so far. I'm going a little bit bloody this year, as I got a bottle of FrightProps Blood Formula and I've been splattering it on everything! 

Say cheese...

Also, for anyone going to MHC this year, we have decided to skip the Friday night tour and after party. We just toured the ScareAtorium two years ago and the Beach Party with the old Playmate sounds a little bit too goofy...

So if you're in Columbus Friday night with nothing to do, why not join us as we go check out Arcade Super Awesome, a local bar/pinball arcade, complete with a pizza shop downstairs! It's about a 10 minute cab/Uber ride from the Convention Center. A few of us are going to grab some pizza and a few drinks, and play the hell out of some pinball. And we'll STILL be back at the hotel bar in time for last call!

 See everyone in Columbus next weekend. It's going to be insane!



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