Ager Sonus - "The Dead City"

I'm working on a lot of little things lately and hope to show them all off shortly. I've also been working like mad on a new accessory piece for this year's MHC Masquerade Ball costume and hope to show that off as well.

In the meantime, take a listen to this brand new "Egyptian dark ambient" track from Ager Sonus. Another killer track, perfect for an evening of chilling out or just getting creepy...

From the Ager Sonus Bandcamp page:
The old leather bound book smells of crusted honey. Flecks of dust and dried parchment rain from it's interior as you open it. Ancient hieroglyphs and diagrams point the way to the obsidian gate.

A year later you walk through long forgotten caverns with lantern lit. You've finally found the underground lake. A tired face stares back at you from it's reflection. The air taste sweet down here and in the distance flutes echo of a buried civilization. The feeling of dread washes over you. This is your last chance to get her back from the underworld.

Dark bass drone rumbles in the caverns under long forgotten cities. Ager Sonus has succeeded in creating an Egyptian backdrop that is accentuated with flutes and atmospheric layering. Occult and ethereal, this album is for lovers of Necromancy and the unexplored ruins beneath the sands of Egypt.


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