Archaeology "Wood" Candle

I am by no means a "candle guy," so it was only by chance that I found myself in the candle aisle at my local Target. On rare occasions, I'll take a stroll just to see if there is anything remotely "Halloweenish."

I have picked up a couple of the Bonfire Nights candles in the past and have actually enjoyed their scents, filling my home office with the subtle smell of a nice fall bonfire as I worked on various Halloween projects. I have also picked up a few of the Yankee Candle "Witches' Brew" candles just before Halloween to really set the mood. But as I perused the aisle last week, I spotted a particularly interesting candle...


The "Wood" candle from Archaeology had an unfinished wood lid and a minimal, stenciled and die-cut label with the words "Patchouli & Smoked Ashwood" on it. I picked it up and popped the lid.

Wow. I'm not often surprised by candle scents, but this one was really interesting. A hint of the patchouli spice and a nice, warm, earthy wood scent. It really reminded me of being in a dry forest on a late fall day. And somehow, it really made me think of Halloween! This one will be burning in my office from now until the big night. And honestly, this scent would be a great for use in a haunt. You can pick yours up at your local Target candle aisle!



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