Metatron Omega - "Transductio"

From the Metatron Omega Bandcamp page:

Feel the cold winter air on bare skin atop Majestic Cathedrals. Hear the archaic chanting echoing from never ending halls below. Taste the iron from blood filled chalices of forgotten secret orders. Bow down on bruised knees before the serpent pillar in Sacral Monasteries. Partake in rituals hidden but practiced since the dawn of time.


I absolutely love this track. It starts off light and airy, with the serene sounds of birds and nature, and then quickly dives into a cold, desolate choral droning that sounds like it emanates from the hollowed out shell of an old stone cathedral. This track has a TON of atmosphere, and would work really well in a Gothic haunt scene (the Davis Graveyard abbey, anyone?).

And the faceless, hooded figure in the video below. A perfect choice for a new monster mud figure. I need to make it happen!

Only 94 days to go...



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