Season Of The Pumpkin Ales

Each year, the much-anticipated pumpkin beers seem to start appearing on our local grocery store shelves a bit earlier. This year, it was mid-August...

As a self-confessed beer afficionado (snob), I have a rigid rule about my pumpkin beers in that I absolutely will not begin drinking any before September 1. The delicious pumpkin, cinnamon and spice flavors just don't taste right until you sip them on a cool evening, evoking thoughts of the crispness of the approaching Fall season.

So as soon as the calendar switched to September, I could hold out no longer and made my way to the waiting store shelves full of new and classic pumpkin beers. I perused the ever-growing selection to choose from, making mental notes on which beers have yet to face our annual "Drunken Jackos Rating Scale," a HIGHLY scientific pumpkin beer review and ranking system.

I've had many a pumpkin beer face the Drunken Jackos Rating Scale throughout the years, but one of my all-time favorites continues to be Dogfish Head's Punkin Ale. So it was the obvious choice to initiate this year's pumpkin beer season. Upon it's original review, Punkin Ale received an outstanding "4.5 out of 5 Drunken Jackos," and upon first taste now I believe it still holds up. A truly delicious way to start the season!

Be sure to check back soon, as I already have a fridge full of new pumpkin beers lined up, ready to face the dreaded Drunken Jackos Rating Scale. And as we count down the days until All Hallow's Eve, I'll be popping the caps and giving reviews from a beer-snob-slash-Halloween-fiend's point of view. Cheers, my fellow pumpkin heads!



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