Dogfish Head - Punkin Ale

The next pumpkin beer to face the Drunken Jackos scale is our reigning champ of pumpkin beers, Dogfish Head Punkin Ale. A refreshing and clean blend of pumpkin and brown sugar, the Punkin Ale pours a nice brown/copper color and has a slight note of cinnamon spice. The taste isn't overwhelming, but is a very pleasant, balanced and clean pumpkin flavor.

This beer hit the local grocery store shelves later than many of the other pumpkin beers this season, but my patience has once again paid off. Punkin Ale is still my go-to pumpkin beer because of its perfect balance and subtle, sweet pumpkin flavoring. And because of this, Dogfish Head Punkin Ale gets an astounding 4.5 out of 5 Drunken Jackos!!

(As a side note, this beer is even better when it is served on tap at our local watering hole, as they coat the rim of the pint glass in brown sugar. Sweet pumpkin heaven!!)



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