Highbury Cemetery Shirt, 2014

The shirts are done! Freshly hand-screened in the Cemetery basement by Highbury and Mrs. Highbury, the 2014 shirts are our best yet. Solid white ink on dark grey shirts with this year's logo on the front:

And as a surprise bonus, all shirts will come with a hand-silkscreened poster with this year's logo. Metallic silver ink on black card stock paper. Signed and hand-numbered by yours truly in an edition of 12.

Like what you see? Wish you could score a shirt and poster of your very own? Hmm. Maybe I can help you. It looks like I might have an extra to give away for our annual Night of the Living Contest. Be sure to stop by this Friday, as I will put up some horror-themed trivia questions and the first person to answer all questions correctly will have a shirt and poster delivered to their door, just in time for Halloween! But put your thinking caps on, because I'm bound to search out the most pointless and obscure questions so that the winner will earn his or her prize!! We'll see you all here on Friday.

And, as the days continue to count down to the big night, it's time to check the forecast and see how things will shape up for this year (after two years of awful, wet, heartbreaking weather, I'm a little nervous to see what it will be...):

A full day of sunshine - 56˚/40˚

This is the forecast I was hoping for!! I know it's still a ways out and could change daily, but for now I'll walk with a bit more spring in my step and this will power my final push toward the big night. Fingers crossed!!



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